Special Features
Alain Esseiva

Alain Esseiva: Climbing the Summit from the Alpine Origins to Global Entrepreneurship

Alain Esseiva, CEO and CO-Founder, Alpadis Group In the bustling world of corporate ventures, there...

Hans Keist

Hans Keist: Pioneering Excellence in Precision Photography with ALPA of Switzerland

Hans Keist, Owner and CEO, ALPA Hans Keist stands at the nexus of innovation and...

Petros Timotheou

Interview with Petros Timotheou (Co-Founder of iceep)

Petros Timotheou, Co-Founder, iceep The Europe Entrepreneur is featuring Petros Timotheou as one of the...

Agnieszka Wójcikowska

Agnieszka Wójcikowska: Breaking Ground in the Glamping Revolution

Agnieszka Wójcikowska, Founder, FDomes In the realm of travel and hospitality, the concept of luxury...

Katarzyna Łakińska

Katarzyna Łakińska: Pioneering the Cult of Ageless Ambition after 50

Katarzyna Łakińska, Founder, Flexi.pl Gone are the days when exuberance was an attribute exclusively allied...

Manfred H. Heiss

Manfred H. Heiss: Pioneering Freedom On Road from Data to Drive

Manfred H. Heiss, President, MAUD My Auto Data In the dynamic world of business, it...

Alexis Valençon

Alexis Valençon: A Maestro Reshaping the Legal Landscape

Alexis Valençon, Managing Partner And Co-Founder, Kennedys In the tapestry of legal prowess where complexities...

Nicolas Lespinasse

Nicolas Lespinasse: From Silicon Valley Engineer to Empowering Freelancers with Abby

Nicolas Lespinasse, CEO & CO-FOUNDER, Abby Nicolas Lespinasse's entrepreneurial spirit didn't bloom overnight. It was...

Carolin Wanitzek

Carolin Wanitzek: Crafting Excellence, Redefining Spaces

Carolin Wanitzek, Founding Partner & Managing Director, IN SUBSTANCE In the dynamic interplay of design...

Christine Lara Hoff

Christine Lara Hoff: Architectural Visionary and Entrepreneurial Pioneer

Christine Lara Hoff, Founder, Hoff Architects In the ever-evolving world of architecture, where innovation converges...

Zoë Noble

Zoe Noble: A Fearless Advocate Committed to Reshaping Perspectives on Childfree Living

Zoe Noble, Founder, We Are Childfree Who is a woman, beyond the societal contours that...

Max Giron

Max Giron: A Creative Trailblazer on a Mission to Reenchant the World through Artisanal Craftsmanship

Max Giron, Co-Founder & General Director, 2084 Art and crafts, in their truest essence, are...

Market Insights

The World of Endometriosis

The World of Endometriosis: Bridging the Gender Gap with Luise Müller

In today’s day and age, where we have journeyed together, generation after generation, through all sorts of eras wherein mass illnesses and diseases were present, we have forged through with strength and determination during those tumultuous times.  Unfortunately, in reality, research advancements in healthcare take time, and the only way not to brush it under the carpet would be for people to talk more about those diseases and illnesses and spread awareness so that others can gain insights into the size and range of affected demographics, and find some answers in seeking temporary relief by short-term procedures or treatment options...

Auris Fonetti

Auris’ Fonetti: Leveraging AI and ML in Automatic Speech Recognition with Kim Antoniou

Before diving into the article, let us first review what...

Empowering Futures

Empowering Futures: Weronika Reszela’s Journey with Mind Your English

English - as a language, has been used more than...

Josephine Goube

Josephine Goube: Empowers refugees in Europe

Josephine Goube is a European entrepreneur she works for a...

Fashion and Apparel


Inspiring Stories

Leveraging Takeback as a Loyalty Program: A Circular Strategy for Brands

In today’s world, where every purchase decision matters, brands are constantly seeking new ways to...


Julie & Ida: Women-Led AgriTech Supporting the Transition to Regenerative Agriculture Practices at Agreena

Did you know that lately, almost all agricultural practices around the world are being integrated...

Julie & Ida

Aude Guo: Innovafeed Redefining Sustainable Futures By Insect Breeding For Plant and Animal Feed

Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers. These three entities make up the entire food chain where every...

Aude Guo

Ana Climent: Leading Rescue Project Bringing Valencia Peanuts Back to Spain at Ca Climent

Peanut Butter, PBJ Sandwiches, Reese’s Butter Cups, Snickers, Peanut Butter Twinkies, Salted Peanuts, and more....

Ana Climent

Lex Hoefsloot: Renewable Automotive Alternative with Solar EVs at Lightyear

You know how people and children walking and playing on streets and lanes used to...

Lex Hoefsloot

Gerrit de Bruijne: Sustainable Potatoes From Farm-to-Fork

To all the potato lovers - be it crinkly cut or straight cut, be it...

Gerrit de Bruijne

Erwin Buckers: Redefining the Real Estate Industry with Chainels

How many people have had to come together, discuss all of the issues at hand,...

Erwin Buckers

ABOUT YOU: A One-Stop Shop E-Commerce Group with Tarek Müller

Shopping for fashion and lifestyle products is always going to play an integral part in...