Ignacio España Rivero: Nurturing A New Generation Of Professional Gamers

Ignacio España Rivero: Nurturing A New Generation Of Professional Gamers
September 30, 2023 Off By zswes45sd

Ignacio España Rivero, CEO & Co-Founder, Kronte

Once stereotyped as an activity of teenage nerds, today gaming is a big business. Corporations and investors are now convinced by the sheer size and the purchasing power of eSport audience, and the business opportunities surrounding the industry. In fact, the global eSport market is predicted to surpass US$1.5 billion by 2023. With rapidly growing audience, rising professional leagues and competitions, and stakeholders working actively to set a viable future for the sport, we are watching the rise of a new lucrative market.

APAC Entrepreneur caught up with Ignacio España Rivero, a young and passionate entrepreneur who is involved in the development and growth of the gaming industry. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kronte, a startup from Spain that brings together gamers (both amateurs and professionals) providing them the necessary support and opportunities to make a successful career in eSport. Ignacio and his team are helping the industry move towards a more organized, inclusive and highly professional direction. Kronte was born in January 2020 and they will represent Spain in the Startup World Cup Grand Finale in Silicon Valley in May 2021″

Having developed a keen interest in entrepreneurship since childhood, Ignacio has been very successful in navigating the uncharted path of modern entrepreneurship. Not only has he co-founded a company that deals with global audience at the young age of 23, he is paving a model for a new type of business in a relatively new market. But what is most impressive is his strong business acumen, which he has developed quickly through his exposure to different people and business environment.

Ignacio’s Journey: From Engineering Student to Entrepreneur in International Business

At 16, Ignacio was already developing business models for unique ideas such as life bracelets for surfers, headphones for listening to music underwater. That was the start where he began to develop real business skills through a series of events that ultimately led to the inception of Kronte in 2020.

Exposure to different cultures has been pivotal in his career. It also taught him the needed lessons and understanding to manage a diverse team. During his first year studying engineering, Ignacio had his first international exposure when he moved to Taiwan for a summer internship. There he worked with companies including Deloitte and Daikins. “It was hard for me living in a country where English was not spoken, but at the same time I was lucky to get international exposure and learn their business culture,” says Ignacio. “That exposure made me change my career to international business.”

After Taiwan, he again interned with Chamber of Commerce, where he helped many companies in Europe remodel their business models to internationalize to Asian and American countries, implementing quality systems and models depending on the country they wanted to market with.

Later, he joined a talented team in a program called Demium Startup in his city, Malaga. Here he met his co-founder where they developed a business idea which is now known as Kronte, a company dedicated to helping gamers in eSport.

Kronte: A Platform Dedicated to Help Gamers Succeed in eSport

The enthusiasm and passion from the fans of eSport has been nothing less than dramatic. Sold out stadium, millions tuning in online to watch their favorite teams and gamers compete, and the numbers of merchandise sold indicate that eSport can be as successful as the big traditional sports.

It is true that the current market of eSport can be complicated to navigate for new gamers and business people, but with the enthusiasm, and the interest from publishers, corporations, and other stakeholders to weed out the problems and to bring standardization in the games, the future of the industry is very promising. And Platform such as Kronte is crucial to this progress.

“For us, Kronte is an opportunity to help the market continue to grow in the right direction,” reveals Ignacio. He explains: “Our platform is a new way to manage the progress of gamers. We can create new opportunities by connecting gamers with professional teams and brands who are interested to invest in the sector. Kronte provides a platform for gamers to hone their skills, join a professional team and ultimately make their way to the big stage of competitive video game.”

A key value of the Kronte is that of the exposure of new talents to the world of professional gaming. “The interesting thing comes when we see kids who do not do streaming but have the same or, in some cases, better statistics than professional players. This is where our users find the real value of our platform,” says Ignacio. Through the data of the players, Kronte can bring visibility to the talented gamers in the market, offering them the possibility to contact straight with professional teams and with companies that are also in the platform looking for those gamers. Kronte team can identify behavioral trends and gaming style that tell if a gamer can make it to the professional level. They can show where a particular gamer needs to improve.

A Distinct Entrepreneur Who Strives to Bring Out the Best in Him and Others

Ignacio admitted to having many interests, but what he is most passionate about is providing solutions to problems through his entrepreneurial endeavor. And he is doing just that by helping gamers overcome their various challenges in the world of professional gaming. As an executive in today’s business, he loves “the speed of execution, meeting great entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals who are willing to collaborate and offer their expertise.”

When asked about the biggest lesson he has learned, Ignacio shares, “In professional context, what life has taught me is that you cannot do anything alone. Your team is your best weapon. Also, it is good to surround yourself with great leaders. By doing so, you are subconsciously driven by a force that encourages you to live up to a higher standard.” He adds, “I see my competitors and the fast-moving ecosystem as a force that helps me improve and brings out the best in me.”

Coming from a hard-working family, Ignacio developed a strong work ethic through his parents. “My parents taught me to develop a strong work ethic, to always believe in myself, and to take ownership of my work,” recalls Ignacio. Today, these values are engrained in the work culture of Kronte. All team members are trusted with each particular responsibility, and everyone is valued as a significant member of the team. He also stresses on the importance of openness to new ideas as a key to success. Hence, open and collaborative work culture is a key aspect of Kronte.

Taking challenges as opportunities to get better and upholding his values, Ignacio looks forward to empower more people and to leave a strong footprint for the future generation. He shares: “There are two things I look for in life. First is the search for freedom. That means to take control of my life and be the protagonist while being faithful to my values. And finally, to leave a footprint as someone who did something great, who inspired others and helped many by bringing out the best in them in personal and professional arena.”