Infarm: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Vertical Farming

Infarm: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Vertical Farming
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Infarm is a Berlin-based startup company that was founded in Berlin in 2013 and since then it has been revolutionizing agriculture. The company smartly uses the concept of vertical farming to establish organically produced herbs and vegetables directly in restaurants or sales facilities and market or sell them there. The concept of Infarm is direct and the technology behind Infarm is eco-friendly and sustainable which makes it a perfect solution for the growing problem of food waste and environmental pollution. 

How Infarm Started? 

Infarm was founded in August 2013 by three Israelis, Guy Galonska, Erez Galonska, and Osnat Michaeli in Berlin.  Osnat Michaeli had a desire to always have fresh herbs to be ready for her own use but seeing how the herbs vegetables and fruits are now effective globally by pesticides and insecticides, there was a spark of an idea to farm herbs, fruits, and vegetables indoors. Thus the company came into intuition and Infram was born which means in-door and Urban farming. 

Initially, with little equity, they began growing seeds that were not chemically or genetically modified in a simply converted trailer. The seedlings were systematically placed in the incubator one above the other so that they can grow under optimal conditions in terms of light, moisture, and nutrients. The growth process was monitored digitally and controlled. Initially, the declared goal of Infarm was “to create a network of farms within the farm that produces as close as possible to the end customer”. 

Their hard work paid off and in the spring of 2018, they found investors who provided the startup with 20 million euros as further financial aid and in September 2020, a funding round of 170 million dollars was announced. 

Curious About  Vertical Farming? 

Vertical farming is an innovative and sustainable farming practice that allows crops to be grown in vertically stacked layers This method of farming involves using LED Lights, nutrient-rich water, and a controlled environment to grow crops in a vertical space. This approach allows for year-round crop production, regardless of the weather outside, and reduces the need for pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals. In addition, vertical farming requires less water and land than traditional farming practices.

Infarm’s Mission 

Infarm’s ultimate goal is to revolutionize the way we grow and consume food by bringing the benefits of vertical farming to urban environments. The company’s vision is to create a sustainable and affordable food system that provides fresh, healthy, and locally grown produce to communicate worldwide. Infarm is totally committed to reducing food waste, eliminating harmful chemicals in agriculture, and providing a more sustainable and healthy way of living. 

Infarm’s technology is designed to bring the benefits of vertical farming to restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail spaces. The company’s modular farming units are self-contained and can be installed in any location which provides a fresh supply of herbs and vegetables to customers. Infarm’s technology involves using hydroponics, which is a method of growing plants without soil instead the plants are grown in nutrient-rich water that is pumped through the root system. This method of farming allows for faster growth and higher yields than traditional farming practices. Infarm also uses LED lights, which provide the plants with the necessary light spectrum for optimal growth.

Infarm’s technology offers several benefits to farmers, retailers, and consumers. Let’s say for the farmers, the technology provides a sustainable and eco-friendly way to grow crops that is more efficient and requires less land and water than traditional farming practices. For the consumers, the use of Infarm technology provides access to locally grown produce that is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

Infarm’s Expansion and Future plans 

Since its inception in 2013, Infarm has expanded its operations to several countries including Germany, France, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

In May 2022, one of the publications stated that Infarm has attracted more than 30 of the world’s leading retail chains in 10 countries in North America, Asia, and Europe and they are considered consistent suppliers of their products. By 2030, if everything goes according to the plans, there is an expansion planned for around 200 countries on three continents and also in the Middle East. The company has successfully raised more than $ 600 million in venture capital to date and is valued at over $ 1 billion. 

Infarm’s future looks bright as the company continues to grow and expand its operations and partnerships with retailers around the world. The technology which Infarm uses to grow plants has the potential to revolutionize the way we grow and consume food, providing a sustainable and affordable way to produce and distribute fresh produce to communities around the world. Infarm’s commitment and its goals towards sustainability, eco-friendliness, and healthy living make it a leader in the vertical farming industry and make it the company to watch out for in the coming years.