Dream Games- The Fastest Growing Unicorn In Turkey

Dream Games- The Fastest Growing Unicorn In Turkey
January 18, 2023 Off By zswes45sd

Turkey’s Istanbul continues to prove to be a very fertile ground for casual gaming startups, which seem to grow from tiny seeds into enormous trees. Dream Games is one of the Turkish-born businesses that is sweeping the globe. 

Dream Game is a mobile company based in Istanbul, Turkey, that combines technology and creativity to develop high-quality mobile games that will be played for years. Dream Game has made a significant impact in the industry since its founding in 2019 by Soner Aydemir, Ikbar Namil, Hakan Saglam, Eren Sengul, and Serdar Yilmaz. The founders of Dream Game are all former executives at Peak Games, and they benefited from their prior experience in developing the game. 

In just a span of two years, the company has established itself as a leader in the mobile gaming market, releasing a number of successful and critically acclaimed games that have captivated players around the world. 

Dream Games launched its first game- the absorbing and immersive Royal Match game, where the users progress through levels to help a king decorate his castle. Since its launch, the game has gathered millions of dedicated daily fans around the world. 

In addition to being a huge success in Turkey, the royal match game has drawn viewers from all nations, ethnic groups, age brackets, and genders. It frequently ranked among the top 10 highest-grossing games in important markets like the US and the UK. 

“Escape the Island,” the company’s following release, became an instant hit, topping the app store charts and receiving over a million downloads in the first month of availability. The game’s immersive graphics and addictive gameplay have garnered praise from critics. It challenges players to survive on a deserted island by gathering supplies and constructing a shelter. 

Dream Games’ success is not only limited to its games but also to its company culture. The company is recognized for its commitment to creating a positive and inclusive workplace culture, which has resulted in high employee satisfaction and a low turnover rate. This, combined with Dream Games’ dedication to constantly pushing the limits of what is possible in mobile gaming, has helped the company become known as one of the most exciting and innovative in the sector. 

In addition to their games, Dream Games is also known and recognized for its strong community engagement and support. The company actively engages with its players through social media and forums, soliciting feedback and suggestions to improve the gameplay experience. This approach has led to a strong sense of loyalty among Dream Games’ player base, with many players remaining engaged with the company’s games for months or even years. 

Dream Games is backed by Index Ventures, Makers Fund, Balderton Capital, BlackRock, Kora, and others. 

The company raised $50 million, the largest Series A raised by a startup in Turkey to date, while simultaneously releasing the game globally. Shortly after its Series A investment, the company raised an additional $155 million, valuing the company at $1 billion just three months after launching Royal Match globally. On January 18, 2022, the company raised $255 million in a Series C round, valuing it at $ 2.75 billion. By 2022, it was estimated that more than 13 million people played the Royal Match each month.

Closing Thoughts 

As the mobile gaming market continues to grow, Dream Games looks set to be a major player for years to come. The company’s founders and employees should be proud of the success they have achieved throughout the years and the impact they have made in the industry. Dream Games is well-positioned to continue delighting players all over the world with its exciting and engaging mobile game thanks to a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and community engagement.