Heinrich Gärtner: The Mind Behind GP JOULE

Heinrich Gärtner: The Mind Behind GP JOULE
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Heinrich Gärtner’s journey is not just a story of business success; it is also a testament to the power of innovation and environmental stewardship. As he steered the ship of GP JOULE towards greater heights, his personal and professional growth became intertwined with the company’s mission. Continue reading the article by Europe Entrepreneur to find out more about Heinrich Gärtner and how he co-founded GP JOULE. 

Beginning of the journey

Heinrich Gärtner was born in 1972 in the small town of Husum, Germany, and from the beginning, he was deeply influenced by his idyllic surroundings. The vast, rolling fields and the gentle whispers of the North Sea fueled his fascination with nature. Early on in his life, he realized that nature held the key to our future, and that realization would become the cornerstone of his life’s work. 

Heinrich Gärtner studies with Ove Peterson at the Weihenstephan University of the Applied Sciences, holds a degree in agricultural engineering, and likewise runs an agricultural business. 

After completing his engineering studies with top honors, Heinrich Gärtner co-founded GP JOULE in 2003 with Ove Petersen.

It was a pivotal moment in his life, as it marked the beginning of a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. The company name was inspired by the physicist André-Marie Ampèr, reflecting their commitment to harnessing energy responsibly. 

GP JOULE and its remarkable journey

It all started with small solar plants, as Heinrich Gärtner and Ove Petersen had already been putting PV projects into practice on their farms for a few years. In 2009, the two agricultural engineers decided to use their knowledge and experience to found a new company and gave it their initials: GP JOULE. 

Their vision for the company was to supply transport and society with 100% renewable energies, and their stance was to respect all partners and take on responsibility for the environment and future generations. 

The initial years of GP JOULE were marked by resourcefulness and an unwavering vision. Heinrich led the initial charge and worked tirelessly to secure funding for the company‘s ambitious projects. His persuasive abilities and passion for renewable energy convinced investors that GP JOULE was not just a business venture but a movement aimed at changing the world. 

One of the company’s first major achievements was the construction of the Green Hill Wind Farm. This wind farm is located on a picturesque hill overlooking Husum and soon became an iconic symbol of GP JOULE’s commitment to green energy. Heinrich often said, “The wind that once whispered to me in this town now powers it.”

In 2012, GP JOULE entered the green hydrogen business. The first wind farm planned by GP JOULE was connected to the grid, and the first GP JOULE solar parks were opened in Italy and France. 

After their initial success, the projects kept coming: GP JOULE expanded its vision to Canada and the USA, and later to Ireland and Italy, in order to plan, project, and install solar parks there as well. The green revolution was everywhere, and it was thanks to GP JOULE. 

As GP JOULE continued to grow, Heinrich’s leadership was marked by innovation as the company pioneered advancements in solar technology and was able to develop highly efficient photovoltaic systems that were able to convert sunlight into electricity with unprecedented precision. This innovation made renewable energy accessible to a broader audience, from homeowners to large-scale industrial projects. 

Heinrich’s dedication to sustainable development has also led to groundbreaking partnerships. He collaborated with local communities to establish Solar Co-ops which allow residents to collectively invest in solar installations and reap the benefits of clean energy. These initiatives not only reduced carbon footprints but also empowered individuals to take control of their energy future. 

In 2023, Heinrich Gärtner assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the GP JOULE group. His responsibilities extended beyond the day-to-day operations of the company, as he became a global ambassador for sustainable energy solutions. He spoke at International conferences, sharing his insights on clean energy technology and policy and inspiring governments and organizations to prioritize renewables. 

Under his guidance, GP JOULE has been able to develop cutting-edge storage solutions that address the intermittent nature of renewable sources. Their battery systems became integral to the stability of energy grids, ensuring that clean energy was not only abundant but also reliable at times. 

Heinrich’s life has come full circle. From the fields of Husum to the global stage, he demonstrated that a passionate vision, unwavering commitment, and dedication to innovation could transform industries and impact the world in a better way. His story was a beacon of hope, proving that sustainability and success could go hand in hand. 

Today, GP JOULE stands as a testament to Heinrich’s legacy, a legacy that continues to shape the future of renewable energy. As for Heinrich himself, he remains a revered figure in the field, a storyteller of change who reminds us that the power to create a sustainable world lies within our group.